Thursday, December 20, 2018

Just call us Chip and Joanna

I've been meaning to post this since December 10th (that's the date I emailed the "after" photo to myself).

Built in the early 80's our house is a bit dated.  It's completely inhabitable, so we're slow to change things, but a small hole in the wall prompted us to paint the living room before Thanksgiving which led us to whitewashing (I realize there are several other techniques that may have looked better, but this was the first one I googled so I went with it) the mantle Thanksgiving weekend.

This is the listing picture, that is not our clock.
Also, the fireplace is broken. Does anyone know of anyone that can look at it for a decent (read: not $180 just to come to the house) fee?

Still need another coat on the trim and to remove the paint from the fireplace. 

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