Monday, November 26, 2018

Feeling a little croupy over here

This post isn't well written. Hopefully by the time you finish it you'll understand why. 

Looks like the Elsea boys are suckers for the croup. The propensity of the Elsea boys to get croup should clear up any doubt these boys are C's.

I'm sure you remember GMac's recent bout with it a month and a half ago.  Sp when he woke up all sorts of congested last Saturday we went into croup prevention mode.  A new humidifier (the 5th one I've purchased in our almost 11 years of marriage) was running, motrin was administered right before bed, and tissues for the oh-so-runny nose were right next to GMac. Things were looking good.

Ha Ha Ha. The best laid plans.

A little before midnight last night Dec decided to join the Croup Club.  C and I took turns keeping him upright through the night, sitting in steamy bathrooms and the not cold enough out doors. Fortunately, Dec isn't as severe as GMac has been the last few times. Granted, night number two is always known to be the worst and that's tonight. Good thing I have a lot of Live PD to catch up on.

So that's the Elsea update.

Oh, the rolls turned out great.

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