Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What's in the bag?!?

Every time I go somewhere over a meal time or for more than five hours I haul my pumping bag with me.  

Here's what's in my bag that should be in my bag. 

Electricity sources (car port and battery back)
Bag of bottle parts
Cooler with cooling element

And here is what was also in my bag:

Pumping compatible bra (different from a pumping bra)
Fair program
Tumbler with tea bags, just add hot water
SWAG charger thing
Chicago bus
Oatmeal (gotta keep up that milk supply)
A book (had another in my purse)
Granola bar
Face mask
Detective key
Error medical bill for Dex
Beer koozie
Hand soap
Knock-off Lego plane peice

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