Thursday, October 4, 2018


You know what I don't understand? 

I'll give you a second to guess....



I don't understand why people are excited to get their kids back to school in the fall because of the schedule and structure.  

Did anyone guess that?

Sure there may be more structure, but there is also the daily lunch and snack packing; need to have real food in the house to pack for said snacks and lunches so it doesn't look like all the kids eat is plain pasta (it is); "going out of the house" clothes and SOCKS (the socks!) need to be washed and together; and the kids need to be in bed and then out the door the next morning all by a certain time. 

What about that structure sounds good to anyone? 

Give me laid back mornings with a slow breakfast, running around the front yard, afternoons by the pool, haphazardly thrown together meals, and lighter later evenings any day of the year. 

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