Tuesday, September 4, 2018

you all can have your pumpkin spiced stuff, we're going to keep summering

Despite the 90 degree temps forecasted for this week, the pool is officially closed.  And while everyone is so excited for pumpkin spiced edibles, I'd rather have summer. For starters I don't think pumpkin spice belongs in anything other than pie. Secondly, I'm learning in my old age that I prefer warmer weather and longer days. I'd does the body good. 

Monkey has become quite the swimmer this summer. While she didn't make it to the 5-foot or deep end, I know that's coming next year. 

GMac's improvements include now wanting to be in the big pool instead of the baby pool and that's about it.  No going under water for him. At all. 

Dex swam once.  The rest of the time he was in the shade and growing teeth. 

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