Friday, December 15, 2017

we're still alive and (peaches is) kicking

I thought maybe I posted in late November.  November 8th is not "late November."  Ooops.

Since November 8th:

Peaches moves a lot.  All the time.  I don't know if this kiddo is more active (hard to imagine a baby more active than GMac) or maybe I'm just noticing it.

We've traveled to StL for some wedding prep. Mark and Abby are getting married! and we're ALL in the wedding!! We ate lots and lots of BBQ and went wedding dress shopping. We also visited the vineyard where the reception will be. Everyone enjoyed a nice glass (or two) of wine while I had a coke.

I took and failed a glucose challenge and took another one and passed and celebrated by having a coke (maybe that's why this baby is so active?).

The tree went up the weekend before Thanksgiving. While it went up, it did not light up, so we quickly purchased a new one (the old one had a good 9 year run and is now lit with white lights in our front window) so we could have Christmas with C's family that next weekend.

We hosted our first Thanksgiving, complete with a well done (not over cooked, but cooked well) turkey.  I think we had around 15 people here.  C was a champ and prepped the raw bird the morning of (I couldn't stomach it).

For Christmas/our 10th Anniversary C's parents got us a chair for our bedroom. I read in it for the first time last night.  It's pretty swell.  Will also come in handy for baby feedings.

Since then we've been in Christmas prep mode (baby prep will come after January 1).

C and I went to Cinci last weekend for Christmas shopping and the Bears game.  I must say the Bears are 2-0 when I see them in person.  I might be their lucky charm. Just saying.

GMac is getting ready to move into his new room (he just doesn't know it yet).

We've watch out first holiday movie (Hallmark movies aside because C doesn't watch them). The Holiday is a favorite and prompted me to google the history of Christmas fettuccine (apparently there isn't a history, or at least none that I can find, the movie appears to have made it up. We plan on watching Love Actually (our #1 Christmas movie) on Christmas night.

I think that sums it up the past.

This weekend we have Christmas program practice followed by the Christmas program itself.

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