Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On the second day of Christmas...

The Elseas had a pretty wonderful Christmas this year.  It was so wonderful that this is the only photo I took.

The kids are just the right age where everything is a Christmas miracle.  I like to hold them back upstairs in the morning so that I can get a video of them coming downstairs, but this year there was no stopping Monkey.  She zoomed down the steps and yelled, "Santa did come!"  Apparently there was some doubt?

That was followed by, "Santa was able to read my letter!" and "Santa ate the cookies!" and "Issy! The reindeer ate the carrots!" and "Santa brought me TWO rolos!" (there was actually an entire bag in GMac's stocking).  Each and every gift was better than the one before until GMac opened his Paw Patroller (which we don't think he even knew existed) and then nothing else mattered.  I think at one point Monkey was opening his other gifts for him. 

Here's the thing about having kids, their joy totally exceed everything else for the day (and I wouldn't have it any other way). Not only were they excited to open their gifts, but also to have the gifts they got for others opened. GMac was so proud of the read glasses he got for dad.  It was the best.

C and I had a pretty awesome Christmas as well thanks to having a 10 year anniversary coming up.  I'll let you figure it out, but one of us got a digital grand piano (don't call it a keyboard as that is an insult to the digital piano gods) and the other got a diamond band (it's so sparkly!).

That's about it because I don't have any other pictures to share. If you need us this week you can find Monkey playing school or Barbie veterinarian; GMac playing with his Paw Patroller or combine; and C and I working.

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