Monday, September 25, 2017


I started this and ran out of steam.  Here's how far I got...

No weekend update today because:
1) I haven't really been keeping up with weekend updates
2) we spent the weekend potty training and I HATE potty training (but GMac has been a breeze compared to you-know-who)
3) I've forgotten #3 which means brings up my pregnancy brain and how I probably can't remember much of the weekend anyway.

There are some things I miss right now including wine (we've had some "need some wine" nights the last few weeks), mochas ("need wine nights" lead to "need mochas mornings"), and biking (that one isn't baby related other than I got out of the habit in the first trimester and haven't gotten back in the habit. But, I am thinking about getting back in the habit, so that counts, right?

We're looking for something funny to binge watch when Peaches comes. Please send several suggestions.

The Indians keep on trucking.

Monkey is almost done with her soccer games. Not sure how we or she feels about the sport.  May try tennis

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