Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm just sitting here waiting for poison ivy to break out

It's HOT. Like WAY hot. Monkey doesn't the heat well.  She was too hot to do anything last night and when I said "then I guess you can't go to the beach with us because it's even hotter there, "she replied, "I'll be fine at the beach, because we'll be in the beach house."

Before the heat set in on Friday we spent a lot of time outside.  Monkey wore all the jewelry and sat in her perch watching the baby dear.

That afternoon we went to the pool, napped, and went to another pool (where I/we/GMac lost my good googles - because I let him use them, but lets face it, I don't swim anymore) for a pool party.

Saturday morning C took Monkey up Mount Pleasant while I took GMac to the store where he helped himself to the green beans.  C asked what I did about him eating produce prior to checking out. I told him nothing because it was de minimis in value.

After C and Monkey got home I took the kids to a yard sale where we scored two slip-n-slides for $4 and I got a bike for $20 (with an expired helmet thrown in!). We immediately set up the slip-n-slides (both because one had a slide hole that I needed to mend) and the kids went to town scooching down the slide.  We're still working on the "slide" concept.

Because we hadn't had enough fun in the water, we also went to the pool before having Mom and Dad over for a dinner party (as Monkey called it). We also took a walk through Fogg where Monkey proclaimed we should move there next. Yeah, we're going to be at our new place for a while, kiddo.

We went to church on Sunday morning, came home, and went right back to the pool.  With the exception of GMac being terrified of the big pool, the kids have really taken off swimming this year.  I'm sure Monkey will be going off the diving board by the end of summer.

We had pasta-al-forno for dinner, played with playdoh, and took two walks (because Monkey scraped her knee on the first attempt and it was "bleeding hard" which required a trip back home for two band aids.  I'm happy to report she seems to have fully recovered). 

Oh yeah,  I also spent some time trying to tame the branches/weeds pile in the backyard and most likely got poison ivy because I saw "leaves of three" and lots of mint, and did said yard work while wearing sandals.  How long does it take for poison ivy to appear and what is the change the leaves of three I saw were not poison ivy?

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Anonymous said...

Depends on how allergic you are to poison ivy. For some it's in a day but within 3 for sure. Chances are high you had poison ivy. Another indicator is they are shiny. Were they shiny? And if it was poison ivy and you touched or scratched affected area and touched another part of your body then you will get it there too