Monday, May 22, 2017

Awwrigh, Issy!

I'm sorry to report that there are almost zero photos of this weekend.

y night we had a bar association dinner for C where, I kid you not, the topic of the night was serif fonts and which was was more legal-y. Believe it or not, the event was actually enjoyable. C's parents got in late that night for the weekend. 

Friday was Monkey's preschool graduation (no photos), but there is a very cute video on Instagram of GMac chasing Monkey down to congratulate her on her graduation.  There were high fives and an "awwrigh, issy!" It was the.cutest.ever.

After her program we grabbed an early lunch at the Ale House (high-fives for eating outside) and also spent a considerable amount of time (and money) at the Lancaster Green House picking out flowers and a new tree (arriving Wednesday!).

Check out those plants (and, sorry robbers, we've got a security system now)!

That evening we had something Jerk Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa for dinner and ice cream for dessert.  Then we watched The Martian (so good).

Saturday morning we had donuts and Starbucks.  Monkey talked me into a getting her a coloring book for her pre-school graduation gift (she was upset she didn't get flowers and cards like the graduates she saw at Mark's college graduation the weekend before). The guys worked on putting the doors back up in the kitchen (we have a first floor bathroom again!) and I joined them for a Lowe's run to get a new mail box (and other fix-it stuff).  My parents came over for a cookout of cheese burgers and turkey burger (in case you are wondering, I had the bacon cheese burger) and we ended the evening by dining at Ainsley's Diner where you must pray after your drinks arrive and you're not even allowed to think something is funny. .

Sunday morning Grandma and Grandpa headed back to Missouri and we headed to church so GMac could greet. He take the job very seriously and even hands out bulletins.  But, watch out if you have a baby or small child, because he'll slam the door in your face so he can see them.

We had wonderful naps that afternoon while C got some work done.  We also got Monkey on the bike (it's very scary) and make a summer bucket list.

The evening ended with dinner and Monkey brushing my hair.  I will play Ainsley's Pet Vet Hair Salon (they see animals, too!) any day of the week because having my hair brushed is the best! 

Now we're entering Monkey's last days of school (she's done Wednesday) at which point we'll start counting down the days until we can go to the pool (and thus don't have the bathe our kids) in the evenings. 

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