Monday, March 27, 2017

The entire point of this post is that our kids are adorable in goggles.

I don't know about you, but this last weekend was pretty much perfect.

Friday evening we went to church for movie night.  Monkey did great and GMac made it about 10 minutes before decided the toys in the nursery were more entertaining. He made it another 10 minutes before I asked C to pick him up.  While Monkey loved Trolls, I still have no idea in regards to the plot.

The kids, and thus the parents, slept in (until 7:30!) on Saturday.  Once we were up and fed, C made trip #1 to Sherwin Williams as it was kitchen painting day.  He returned a loooong time later (only one guy showed up for work) with paint, supplies, and new plans to also paint trim.  I should point out the goal is to have the kitchen (paint, tiles, and now trim) done by Easter.

We pulled out Monkey's goggles and found a set for GMac resulting in Saturday's entertainment and the cutest they have ever been.

The "if you are really good and stay out of the kitchen we'll get ice cream tonight" talk. 

The kitchen was painted by the time the kids woke up from naps and C made trip #2 to Sherwin Williams to purchase trim paint (now we need to go back for primer). The kids rode their bikes (it's so nice to be able to ride bikes in the street without worrying about cars speeding down the road). C also got some of the screens up (yay for open windows!) and, as promised, the kids got their ice cream (and donuts).  

After church on Sunday we cleaned the house a bit, napped, played outside, and walked to Sanderson. C sanded a door to paint and I swept out the car (which was a pain in the butt and only after sweeping it out did C point out the long arm was removable).  

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