Monday, February 13, 2017


Here's a quick update on the new house and other stuff. 

I love almost all of it, but the appliances.  And when you think about it that's really not that bad.  Apparently, the dishwasher was made to only hold plates (and I wash everything but my Le Creusets) and the fridge is a french door fridge, but the rest of the house is dandy. 

Monkey pulled the toilet paper holder off the wall while pulling off some toilet paper. It's now being held up with blue painters tape. 

Monkey is having issues adjusting, especially at night.  She's mentioned every day how quiet it is that day. I've explained each time that the new neighborhood is quieter than the old one (we now go hours without hearing sirens). The only house was so small that when she went to bed she could hear us while she was in bed. She'd talk to me while I was taking a bath or yell down to us from bed.  Now she's soooo far away that it's too quiet. We're working on getting some books on tape or something. 

GMac seems to be doing pretty well except for the few times he stands by the door asking to go. 

The swing set and the rest of the backyard toys have been moved and they are enjoying the warm days outside. 

Monkey is a big fan of Kids Baking Championship.  While the competitors are 10 through 12 she'll be competing when she's 5.  We're having a little competition this weekend where she'll be making rainbow cupcakes. Emily will be giving her a secret ingredient to include. Come taste the cupcakes at the Chili Cook-off on Sunday at church. I'll be making John Legend's chili. 

Speaking of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen is my spirit animal. She's my favorite on snap chat. 

We did Blue Apron this weekend and liked 2 of the 3 recipes (shout out to Emily for the box).  The final verdict is that some of the recipes are a lot of work (and I like to cook) for a so-so outcome.  The neatest part is the already portioned ingredients. We'll probably do it again when they bribe me to come back with a special offer. 

I think I'm going to call it a Monday. Have Valentine's Day Eve everyone! 

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