Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

Just a refresher, we got engaged on Friday the 13th and Monkey was born on Friday the 13th. It's a good day for us. 

Monkey found an old wallet of mine this morning.  We're talking 10+ years.  Like any good wallet of mine, it had some old receipts and ticket stubs. 

I'll save the best for last so you have to keep reading. First a ticket stub to a Cardinals/Cubs game at Wrigley the year the White Sox won the World Series. I'd tell you there was nothing special about this game, but I'm pretty sure C would say, "Every Cardinals game, especially against the Cubs, is special."

A receipt from paying a speeding ticket of a certain Mr. Elsea in Celina, Ohio.  Only time I've ever been in a Western Union. I can still picture it to this day on the corner of Madison and North. (I'm pretty sure this doesn't have any info that people would use, but if it does, please don't.)

A ticket stub from the Cubs/Cardinals game the day before.  Turns out this was our first date (just realized this today).  I remember just like it was yesterday, sitting in a Wendy's (we classy) in Alexandria, Virginia after Dad opened the House of Representatives with prayer, and getting a call from C asking if I'd like to head to StL a day early because he had two tickets to the Cubs/Cardinals game.

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