Tuesday, December 27, 2016

the third day of christmas

Happy Third Day of Christmas! To celebrate I got you three french hens! You're so very welcome. 

Our first day of Christmas was quite fantastic.  We started before the sun was up and had everyone who was in town (that we're related to) over to watch the kids open their Santa presents.  Monkey had been asking for a bike for months and GMac had been asking for a ball for 36 hours (Santa had to make a last minute purchase to fulfill that last minute request). 

Monkey is pleased with the bike, that is almost like the one she "ordered" from Santa (her order was for a bike with three princesses on it, the one he brought has five princesses on it). GMac was thrilled with his truck.  It dawned on my yesterday that the reason why it is such a big hit with him is because he is constantly asking to drive the bus (pilot).  Other gifts included legos for Monkey and vehicles of every shape and size for GMac.  

 Eating beef jerky in his truck. It's like he's from here or something. 

We're pleased to announce the newest member of the Elsea family, baby Mya Emily Elsea.  
Guess who Monkey was talking to when the middle name was discussed.

Taking his "boa" to the "waa-waa".

The Macy's Parade came to town!

The present of the day, however, was Ainsley's Diner, a box of everything Monkey needs to run her own restaurant.  Stop by sometime, your dining experience is guaranteed to be a memorable one! 

The weather was warm enough yesterday to take bike rides. GMac has inherited Monkey's tricycle and couldn't be happier. Yes, he has a helmet, and no, we don't plan on him inheriting the princess bike when she's done with that :)

That's all that's new around here folks.  Merry Third Day of Christmas!

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