Thursday, October 13, 2016

this is where i am lately.

Here's an update:

1. The Indians being in the playoffs has thrown me into a tailspin. I'm a nervous wreck 90% of all days. 

2. I have a "lucky" outfit. Indians undies, blue bra, maternity jeans (because who can be bothered with buttons and tight pants at a time like this?), camisole, '97 American League Central Champs shirt, a certain pair of socks, tennis shoes, red hat, and my jersey. I wear them for all the games. 

3. We're headed back to Cleveland tomorrow. 

4. The kids have colds. It's great!

5. GMac was up off and on from 3:30 - 5:00 this morning until I finally got him back to sleep while lying on the basement couch. 

6. The house is a mess.  See #1

7. My eating habits are also a mess.  Again, see #1.

8. I was going to make this for dinner last night.  Started the dressing and realized my ginger was moldy. Ended up ordering Olive Garden and quadrupling my dinner calories. 

9. I haven't biked this week. The streak is over. I'm not proud of myself.  Again, see #1. 

10.  It's fair week!  Monkey is thrilled.  I just want our street parking back. 

11.  This election has me all "KSJDN PW8 7Y5 W4HTPE9845NY AW4IUG54TWP857." 

12. We have a real, (not really) live family table on the porch now. Win! 

13.  Ten years ago tonight, C asked me to move in with marry him when I was done with school. 

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