Friday, August 19, 2016

final 6 photo dump

I stopped naming my apple products with George II (maybe, after W?). We just go by the numbers now.  Here are a few of the last photos from the last phone before it met an untimely death in the Saint Mary's parking lot. Maybe it was karma for parking where I shouldn't? Nah, that catholics are so nice.

The last photo.  Taken as I was walking to JFS and realized I wouldn't make it back dry.  Thankfully, C works halfway inbetween my office and JFS so I was able to borrow his car for the commute. I also got a coke. #winning

95% of the time we go somewhere, if you're not carrying GMac he'll plop himself down on the steps and sit there. So content with no intention of getting in the bus. 

Last week day picnic at the pool. Thanks for wearign my kids out, Valley View!

We're a little late to the prisma app, but we're loving it.

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