Thursday, July 7, 2016

a little bit about me

I realized the other day that you know some things about me but there are probably other things to tell and since I'm running out of things to say here are some goods, some bads, and some uglies. 

I love sports. If it's a Friday or Saturday night forget the movies, I'd rather watch a baseball game or SportsCenter. Sometimes C just wants to watch a movie. He should've married a girly-girl. 

Speaking of sports, when I'm not pregnant or just had a baby (you know, the post week or two baby blues), Cleveland sports are really the only thing that make me cry. Cavs title win, Cavs parade, new ending of Believeland, the Indians potentially being decent (I remember getting teary-eyed at a game once when I realized they had a shot at the playoffs). C has been given ground rules for the Indians being in the playoffs - no yelling at them, just sit in silence. Those rules were lax for the Cavs but will be enforced for the Indians. 

I'm a little OCD but at the same time not. The house is almost always a mess BUT I have to do certain things in certain order (showering, etc). 

My guilty pleasures are teen/college rom-coms (Baby Daddy, Young & Hungry, etc) and food that's intended for kids (Kraft Mac & Cheese, Swedish Fish, HoHos). I do love cheese, so there's something acceptable for adults!

I have a weakness for British Chick-Lit. It's so good.  But then my British people take a trip to NYC and not so good. 

I'm a chronic-ish worrier (thanks a lot, Marlene) and like to focus my worries/anxieties on the health and safety of my family.  I'm fine with colds, but if someone in the continental United States has a stomach bug, I'm convinced someone in our family will get it. 

Speaking of fears, aside from C, I once had a date with a cute guy who wasn't C. I met him on campus, but he went to school downtown (why was he on our campus?) but he asked me out and we were to meet at Caribou but I called him and left a voicemail canceling as I was convinced he'd murder me. 

That brings up me to my irrational fears, but there's really no need to start that. 

I'm almost loyal to a T. I love my sports teams, certain products, family, and C. I said almost because I am SO mad at Taytay right now for jumping from from Calvin to the new guy (I refuse to learn his name). 

I prefer to be outdoors (if it's warm) and if I'm honest with myself, as much as I think I like snow, I'd take warm sunshine any day of the week. I think I'm growing up, ugh. Summer storms are the best (when they aren't keeping me from the pool or knocking out power for a week). 

I really, really wish I liked tomatoes (marinara and ketchup don't count) and peppers and onions and mushrooms as I feel it'd help me appreciate food more. Don't get me wrong, I love good food as it is, but those would be icing on the cake. 

I appreciate good style, but can't seem to get my own under control. Isn't that how it always is, someone else's home or outfits always look more put together.  But in their defense, it probably helps if you go shopping every once in a while.

I'm really good at doing laundry but horrible (and then some) at folding it.  C's always asking if something (usually underwear or work shirts) are clean. They always are, they're just never folded. 

I think that's about it. At least until I remember something else. 

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