Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This is the best thing I've seen since becoming a parent.

A few weeks ago I got the kids a $6 inflatable pool from Kroger.

The box contained the pool and this:'

It reads: Water watcher tag instructions: Cut along the dotted line with scissors, punch a whole in tag, thread an appropriate length of string (approximately 20 inch/51 cm long) through the hole and secure it with knot. Wear the water watcher tag around supervisor's neck

The tag to cut out and wear reads: Assign an adult to be responsible for watching children in the pool.  Give this person a "Water Watcher" tag and ask that they wear it the entire time they are in charge of supervising children in the pool.  If they need to leave for any reason, ask this person to pass the "Water Watcher" tag and the supervision responsibility to another adult.

You're probably wondering how big this pool is:

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