Thursday, June 30, 2016


Last night, while C was trying to go to sleep, I wondered how long I was.  Not how tall, but how long. I'm talking stretched on the group from tippy toes to the middle fingers above my head. I thought I'd hit 8' he thought I'd hit 8'2". The method of measurement would be to lie down on the pavement, mark with chalk, and measure with a measuring tape (which we shockingly knew the location of). When asked why I would want to do this of course I replied, "It'll look good on my resume!"

For some unknown reason he refused to get out of bed at 11:15 p.m. and measure me.

So I had a co-worker measure me today. That didn't look awkward AT ALL.  The result was 7'11" and total bummed-ness.

Tonight I had C remeasure and I hit 8'1"!! He did pull my arm just a bit, but it counts!

Monkey came in at 4'6.5" and C at 8'7" (I thought he'd hit 8'8").

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