Wednesday, June 1, 2016

i'm (not) a wordsmith

FYI - You're going to be inundated with pictures in the next few weeks. This post should help offset that a bit.

It's June! I've fully embraced summer (not that it takes any effort). We're grilling almost every single night and it's lovely.  Also lovely, reading outside after the kiddos are down. It's the best.

I've self diagnosed my toe as broken. I rammed it in to a chair a few weeks ago. It was all sorts of pretty shades of purple and blue.  I'm sure it'd heal if I stopped ramming it in to other things as well.

Speaking of broken things, I recently broke my iPhone screen. Just a hairline fracture. Whenever I'm close to being due for a new phone something like this will happen. Last time I dropped it in the toilet. The time before that I left it in the middle of our road all day and it got a hairline crack right down the middle.

Chef's Table is back. We started it last night. Despite the arrogance and pompousness of these guys I can't not watch.

I'm loving my birkenstocks. The added support they give my broken toe is an added perk. 

While our backyard "pool" has been open for a few weeks, the real pool opened last weekend. Monkey can't wait to go, but I'm waiting for C to make the first trip with us as I'm sure GMac will try to go off the high dive. It's looking like that frist trip will be Friday. Wish us luck.

My words are done. Back to picture posts. 

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