Monday, May 16, 2016

Photo Dump

Here are some photos that aren't good enough for Instrgam, but still good enough for the blog.

Waiting for da-da! to get out of the car. 

He thinks the sippee cup lid is a pacifier. I know, he has a problem. 

Now he's asking to eat (which he's pretty much always asking). 

Trying on Mommy's lipstick during church. We match!

Sometime's I take snaps of myself and send them to C. 
I think this was "Do I look like one of your clients?" Oddly, I did not get a reponse. 
This would mean I'm on snapchat. I think my user name is radiantone7. 
Check me out at your own risk.

Waiting on Grandma and Emmy to pick her up for her sleepover. 
They were still 20 minutes away at this point. 

Monkey was sick earlier last week. I offered to get her a slushy. She said she wanted the kind of slushy she "liked best. The tan kind." Now GMac is a fan too.  The good news is that the Coke slushy turned her right around.  Best medicine there is!

Monkey is really into tennis (and the tennis outfits) and is getting pretty good. By "pretty good" I mean she makes contact 90% of the time C throws or hits her the ball.  No volleys rallies yet. Is that what it's called? I don't do tennis. 

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