Friday, May 27, 2016

I didn't realize writing a book with the same plot line of a movie wasn't considered a form of plagiarism*

So here I am with a library book due back next Tuesday and am racing to finish it. Then, one the plot gets to where it needs to be, I realize it's just You've Got Mail but instead of a book store theme it's a bakery theme and instead of falling in love with the competition she falls in love with a guys she's conversing with over email, "Jake", (who also happens to be the bakery owner's son). But there is still a competitor bakery and she doesn't like the bakery owner's son. Also, there's still a meet up set half way through the story where they are to meet at a local restaurant and she'll have a flower and "Jake" doesn't show so she reads a book but while she's reading she runs in to Mark (bakery owners son/"Jake") and talks about how she's been stood up but how he probably has a good excuse.

And they get together in the end and she was hoping the whole time "Jake" was Mark (probably because she's seen You've Got Mail)

Come on people! 
If you're looking for a good, original read Wedding Girl isn't for you.  

*After writing all of his I realized this may be what people call "fan fiction" so I consult my in-house legal counsel** who has confirmed this would be plagiarism. 

**My in-house legal counsel is also a fan of You've Got Mail

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