Monday, March 21, 2016

adios winter!

I started this post a few days ago (Friday?) and didn't finished it. I'll cross out the stuff that is no longer current and let you know what is.

Spring may be a few days away yet but we have fully embraced it.  Especially GMac who points at his shoes as soon as he sees them in the morning (as in, while we're walking down the steps from upstairs).  He loves it outside.

Despite having paid almost zero attention to college basketball this year (kids will do that to you), I hastily filled out a bracket at 10:30 yesterday morning and am happy to report I went 13 for 16 last night. I'm sure today will be much different. As the weekend went on I did less well. 

I've been down with a cold this week. This is still storta it's camping out in my sinus. My voice sounds GRRRRRRREAT! Related to the cold, the house is a mess. I hope to rectify that this weekend. House is semi-clean! 

Do you following me on Instagram? You really should.  You can find me here: @rachelelsea. You'll find such things as Monkey's new watch and constant time updates; who Ted Cruz reminds me of; and me walking on my stilts. Definitely stuff you don't want to miss. 

GMac is saying words! Sorta. He isn't consistent with "Da" and "Mama" but he's getting there
Baba = bottle
Ba = ball
Gog Gog = Dog
Meh = Amen (he will say this all throughout the prayer so that he can it's his "go!")
Da = Daddy
Mama = Mommy

My current obsession is the International Space Station and related. We had every intention of watching a movie on Saturday night but time got away from us as we were distracted by ISS and Space Shuttle YouTube videos.

Monkey thinks that any passing jet is the space station. It's rather adorable.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring for those of use on Eastern Daylight Time. Our first full day of Spring was today. However, if my math is right, and I think it is, the first day of Spring for the Central Daylight Timers was on Saturday (11:30 p.m.) making their first full day of Spring yesterday. Capisce?

Now that I'm blown your mind with time zones and science I'll call it a night.

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