Tuesday, February 23, 2016

re: Starbucks' New Gold Rewards

Today I used my "sorry we poisoned people with e. coli free burrito" coupon from Chipotle. It expires tomorrow and I still haven't figured out if something expires on a date if you can use it on that date.

I'm also still struggling with quarter of in terms of time keeping. I prefer to just tell you what numbers it is.

I've read the articles and crunched the numbers and I happy to report it looks like the new Starbucks Gold rewards system will benefit the Elsea household as we normally purchase more than one drink anyway (and our drinks are $4.15 each gasp!).  Plus the purchase of coffee and mugs also counts so we'll just get a Starbucks gift card from Kroger (fuel points baby!) and load that to our gold card and purchase the coffee beans in the store. You show me a system and I'll show you how to work it.

I've developed a strong passion for container shipping.  I'm doing some leisure reading on it. It's so interesting.  How do you reserve space in a container? Are the containers kept in company hubs? Why do the containers look so banged up when they look so sturdy?

My current read is Eight Hundred Grapes.  I loved The First Husband and am really enjoying this one as well.  I'm pretty sure after reading this I'm going to want to read about wine making.  That wouldn't be too shabby.

We're battening down the hatches as 40 days and 40 nights 29 hours of rain are headed our way. Monkey won't mind though because if she can't be outside, the next best thing is watching the Disneyland 60th Birthday special. On repeat.  All day long.

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