Friday, February 26, 2016

Fashion Friday: IT'S BACK!!

I'm feeling the need to dress nicer lately. I think it's the next phase of Mommy-hood.  I've (so-far) managed to figure out how to keep two little humans alive and keep the house almost tidy all while working from home two days a week.  The next logical step would be to keep the laundry folded, but eh, I choose clothes (and accessories)!

Harper Small Saddle Crossbody. I'm in an awkward purse phase where I can't seem to get any of mine to work. I think it's because I want some sort of cross body (it'd be easier when carrying in 5 bags and two kids in the evenings after work) and also something smaller. Then fossill sent me their new seaglass line and I feel in love. I fell in love hard.

Riley Two-Tone Watch. This was the other baby at Fossill that cought my eye. I don't really need a watch as my white, ceramic one is loverly,  but I still like this one. 

Wayfarers. I've been waffling on these for myself the last three or four years (mainly because of the price). I just lost misplaced the $50 ones I bought last summer, but I have kept a Fossil pair for seveb years and a Vera Bradley pair for 3 years. Go me!

1969 boot jeans. I've found that gap's jeans fit best. Mainly because they are long enough for me. I have a confession to make.  I'm still wearing maternity jeans. Not because other's don't fit, but becuase they are my only, non-flare pair.  I can wear them with boots or I can roll them up.  You can tell I'm wearing my maternity pants because I'm constantly pulling them up. That being said, these could be turned in to cute capris. And the skinnys are my go to wear with boots or toms pants. 

Striped Polo Sweater Dress. Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall if you run in to me at work there's a 95% chance I'm wearing a dress or skirt. 

Vineyard Vines.  Easton got a Vineyard Vines a few years ago (I think when I was pregnant with GMac?). I really love everything they have. The whale gets me everytime. 

Happy Friday!

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