Monday, December 7, 2015

I ate an entire can of Altoids Smalls in 36 hours (and other oddities)

Here's a post I found in my drafts.  I'm guessing from July? Enjoy...

True story.  I was out of gum. I really ate them in about an hour, but had a few the day before so it technically took 36 hours. It was just 26 calories (total) so I'm not feeling bad about it.

I lost control of my farm.  It's a simple 4x8 raised bed, but I plated three innocent squashes (a yellow, zucchini, and butternut) and they've taken over.  They are suffocating the green beans (the primary focus of the garden), rosemary, and oregano.

GMac has two teeth and they are sharp.  They seem to be a bit sharper than Monkey's were.

These nachos are delish.  We had them at C's parents house over the 4th of July. I tried ground turkey in a taco dish once and couldn't get over the poultry taste and vowed to myself to not do that again.  Then I had these nachos and couldn't detect a hint of poultry.  We've made them twice (which equates to four meals) in the last month. 

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