Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Every time I want to quit Starbucks they introduce pretty cups.

Starbucks' Christmas cups. Love them.  Just red (but apparently one shade at the top and a darker one at the bottom, ehh) and lovely. No more weird designs.

We had some delish $10 wine from Trader Joe's this weekend.  Just a random bottle I sampled when I was there one day. I must take a picture of the bottle to remember what it is.

C's done with his major work projects for a while (I think) (I hope). Which is great for the kids and me, but bad for the half-watched season of Jane the Virgin.

This Indian Summer makes me want to spend every waking hour outside. Problem: every waking hour this week has been and work or dark. Hopefully we can rectify that tomorrow.

GMac is so close to walking. So very close.  He's taken two or trhee steps between things, but isn't quite there.

Meanwhile, his sister keeps answering "Why, yes, of course!" when agreeing to do something we ask. It's the cutest.

I started the new Sophia Kinsella book on Sunday (during church, while GMac was napping).  While reading it on my nook last it hit me, I am 30 years old and reading a Sophia Kinsella book while C teaches himself calculus. Now I'm torn. Am I too old to read the books I like? Please tell me I haven't outgrown those books. Please.

I don't want to read "mom books."

Ugh. I'm getting old.

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