Monday, October 19, 2015

A very important question for my blog reader(s)

I need a t.v. series to watch. Stat.

C has a monstrous week and a half at work so I'll have several evenings to myself (and can't go to bed early because 1. I have to pump and 2. the bedtime gods do not let me go to bed early when C is working late) and thus need something to watch. (We do have a Netflix if that helps with suggestions.)

I need to finish Parks & Rec and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but wouldn't mind starting a new series.

But I'm a bit picky.  I don't do period pieces/old timey things.  No drugs or violence or zombies. Also really not into crime solving shows. I realize that doesn't leave much.  Sorry.

I do enjoy Scandal (when it hasn't completely jumped the shark) and have binged watched Big Love. I've heard things (good or bad I can't remember) about the Good Wife and I plan on watching Somm while enjoying a can of flipflop.

So, what do I watch?

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