Friday, August 28, 2015

I bought a new Brita (and why it isn't red)

We're getting back in the swing of things at the Elsea household.  Back to work, shuttling the kids to my parents in the mornings, shuttling them back home in the evenings. Even though we've only been home a handful of days, vacation seems like a distant memory. Sigh.

We're going to soak up the rest that Summer has to offer (two more weekends at the pool) and prepping Monkey for preschool (new backpack and school supplies are needed).

We've had a taste of Fall this last week.  I say good riddance.  Give me back my Summer.

You wanna know what the highlight of my week was?

I bought a new Brita pitcher.  A shiny, green one.  A ten cupper!

Wanna see?

Be jealous.

I did not get a red one because 1. it was $2 more expensive and $2. I cannot purchase anything red without thinking "Someone is going to see this and think I bought it because it's red and I like Ohio State Football. I do not want to convey the message that I buy red things because I like Ohio State, because I don't. While I do like Ohio State, I'm not crazy for them, I buy red things because I like red."

There is nothing like refrigerator cold water. Nothing.

It had been 7-ish years (it may even pre-date our marriage) since I last purchased our old one. sI had that pitcher longer than any car. So this was kind of a big deal.

That's really it for this post. I just wanted to brag about my new Brita. The first three "paragraphs" are just filler.

Carry on.

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