Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beach Reading

I used to have a goal of reading a book a day while on vacation.  That went out the window when Monkey was born.  The first summer we went with her I think I read two maybe three (in a week and a half).  Last year was a bit better and I maybe read five or six.

So far this summer I've completed one book. That's what having a baby does.

Despite recent history, I'm taking 8-ish books.  My goal will be five books.  I'll be thrilled to read three.

That being said, here's what I'm taking and in case you haven't realized it before, I don't do heavy stuff (almost ever).

This list will only interest my sister as she is a fellow British chick-lit reader.

The Sun In Her Eyes. I love Paige Toon so much. I will read this first.

I Remember You. My expectations are low for this one.

The Love Shack. I've started this book, just haven't been able to finish it (it's like there's a baby in our house or something).

Royal Wedding: A Princess Diaries Novel. After extensive (read: a quick google at B&N) research Emily and I found this is not YAF (despite our reading interests we don't normally do YAF).

The Royal We. If it gets in in time from the library.

Little Beach Street Bakery and The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris. I think I may like this author, if so there seem to be a few more.

Open Road Summer. Ok, ok, this is a YAF. But the author went to high school with C and I told him I'd read it in case he ever runs into her. I have this on my nook (I bought it because C knows her and I gotta support local artists).

I realize this is 8 books and I said I was going to take 8-sih. That's just a fluke. I'm sure a few more will be thrown in the book bag.

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