Monday, May 4, 2015

The real news from this past weekend is that I wore non-maternity pants.

This weekend I wore shorts that buttoned up and a belt.  The rest of the weekend was just gravy.

Friday evening we bounced back and forth on what to do for dinner and went with bacon cheeseburgers.  Then we took our double stroller (and children) on a walk.  Calm down folks, I know it's exciting, but not everyone can be us. We also rented Paddington since Grandpa and Emmy are in the UK and it takes place in London.

Saturday morning C took the kids to Starbucks while I slept just a little bit longer.  Then we tried to potty train the Monkey.  Every 20-30 minutes on the potty for 5-ish minutes.




I'm beginning to think Monkeys cannot be potty trained.

We are bribing her with whatever she wants (I don't think she fully appreciates this).  As soon as she potties she gets a Reese cup (although I need to replenish the stash as C and I have been rewarding ourselves this weekend for pottying) a Thomas train, a Percy train, and a Gordon train (she added the last two yesterday).  Again, nothing.

We haven't tried the commando method. That'll be coming next week.

Other things we did between trips to the Mickey Mouse potty included:

Watched coverage of Princess Kate's speedy delivery and public appearance.  I was barely conscious 8 hours giving birth, so I'm not sure how she was able to walk in Jimmy Choos.  I must admit my hair did look pretty good as I was only in the hospital for 20 minutes before having GMac (way to ignore the signs of labor, RACHEL) which meant I didn't have much time to get sweaty or mess up my hair.

Spending time in the glorious outdoors.

Walking to Speedway for a coke slushy and hostess cupcakes.


Raising GMac's crib so he can sleep in there at night (just as soon as he sleeps for more than 3 hours at a time).  Our current dilemma is that he's a larger baby and is borderline too big for his cradle (it's not waking him up or anything), but when he's an entire room away, the window to sooth him without having to feed him quickly closes. Hence the 1:00 am and 4:30 a.m. bottles this morning. So I'm keeping him the cradle until he asks to move.

We also put the monitor in the nursery which means we can no longer watch Monkey sleep.  *tears*

We had shish kabobs for dinner and they were mighty yummy.

After the Monkey was asleep I read an entire book.  Well, almost an entire book.  Chapters 4 through the end (39 or something).

We got to church on time on Sunday (thank you, thank you very much) mainly because we were greeters (because we forgot we were greeters a few weeks ago and another couple thought they were so we just switched).  Monkey was rather upset we didn't get to sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" and also wasn't too concerned that Grandpa wasn't there as "he's playing soccer."

Monkey did get to wear her first Lilly dress! I had her telling Grandma and C, "It's my first Lilly!"

We grabbed some lunch from McDonald's (fancy!) and watched some baseball (until C said he couldn't watch the Indians any more).

We were a bit more lax on the potty training and just sat down a few times.  Instead we enjoyed the day outside.

I made the Pioneer Woman's yummy Bowtie Chicken Alfredo with almost no problems (the Parmesan cheesy globed together), but it was rather good.  Then we walked off those calories on our way to the "ice cream factor" (aka DQ) to refuel.

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