Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kids and My Starbucks Addiction

Hmm.  Where to start.

This is probably going to be a word vomit of a blog post. Actually, it turned our sorta organized.

It's going to be too cool for the pool this weekend.  And the zoo will be packed.  We need something fun to do.

We've been working on potty training for the last few weeks (for Monkey) and haven't seen much any progress.  This is the hardest thing I've had to do as a parent.  I can handle the sleepless baby nights pretty well, but potty training is a horse of a different color. Guys, it's hard! She's pretty stubborn about the potty.  She can sit on it a dozen times a day and nothing. I know, I know, we could go the commando method but I don't want pee and poop all over my house. So we'll wait for it to warm up. I also know it'll click with her at some point, but it's hard waiting (and school's just a few months away). Will someone come potty train my kid?

Last night, for the first time ever, GMac and Monkey really interacted.  Don't get me wrong, Monkey loves him and plays with him all the time and he smiles back and recognizes her, but they really played together.

GMac loves to put anything in his mouth including your face.  He'll go for a cheek, a chin, anything and cover you in a gallon of slobber.  He was doing this last night and Monkey was losing it.  He'd try to get my cheek or chin in his mouth and notice she was laughing at him.  He'd stop and smile at her then do it again. She'd laugh, he'd stop and smile, then he'd do it again. It was pretty awesome.

He's going to be the trouble maker in the family, doing all of her dirty work for her.

Yesterday, for the first time in over a year, I wore button up jeans.  They fit pretty well. Today they didn't fit too well.  I blame the daily mochas this week...

Monday: It was Monday and I dropped the kids off at my parents which meant I was driving right by Kroger's Starbucks on my way to work.
Tuesday: Tuesdays are my busy day at work and this Tuesday was shaping up to be particularly busy. Also, I dropped the kids of at the babysitter and the stand alone Starbucks was on my way to the office.
Wednesday: I went to the bank, got donuts for the Monkey, and went to get a bottle of Coke for a recipe.  Also, C got a mocha on his way to Columbus which justified me getting a mocha (we have a not so solid pact to not get mochas during the week).
Thursday: I got very little sleep on Wednesday night partially due to the David Letterman finale and partially due to GMac waking up right at the end of the finale and not settling back down after his bottle. While I went to straight to work, C dropped of the kids and Starbucks is also on his way to the office (convenient) so be brought me one.
Friday: I hope to not go to Starbucks but who are we kidding?

What have we learned from this: 
1. Starbucks is always on the way unless I am going straight from home to work and even then I will ask someone to bring me a mocha.
2. It is no wonder we made Starbucks Gold status so quickly.
3. I am weak.

Also, I am currently loving coke slushies and hostess cupcakes.


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