Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Two weekends down (now that I'm back at work). This was a bit of  a different weekend.

For starters 75% of us are sick.  Monkey is patient zero.  She, GMac, and I have been busy coughing up our lungs (and GMac has also been excreting mucus from his left eye).  Add C working on a brief in the mix and our weekend was complete (just not very weekend-y).

That being said, good luck trying to follow our weekend.

Friday evening...what did we do Friday evening...

...two minutes later...

We had a yummy Tombstone pizza for dinner followed by a walk to the library to return books.  A walk to the library isn't complete without a stop at the donut shop.  

Saturday morning C took the kids (holy cow, we have multiple children) to Starbucks so I could shower and nap (first alone time - minus work and lunch time pumping) in 7+ days.  We also took a walk to Speedway for a "shushly." I've wised up and took a cup for the Monkey as I knew she'd want some.  She kept begging for the big cup (and offered me her princess cup). 

Yes, I gave my child some of my coke slushy.  When in Rome Lancaster. 

After our walk we spent some time playing outside and downstairs in our new "playroom/office" before getting dinner from Subway (I know, I know, Subway isn't really a Saturday night dinner type of thing, but this was our weekend). 

I made this lovely train town (which was pictured on the box) after C, the resident engineer in the family, said it couldn't be done. 

Then C was back to work for the evening and I was left home to watch chick flicks. The Prince & Me in particular. But if you follow me on twitter (and you really should) you already know that I couldn't find the apple remote, then couldn't set up the remote app because our Internet was unplugged (and I was too work out to figure out which of the 7 holes the Internet wire went into) and since our Internet was unplugged apple tv wouldn't work anyway. 

So I watched Made of Honor (my favorite partially because it takes place at Eilean Donan Castle which I have totally been to - before it was in Made of Honor). I also realized that our relationship (C and me) is sorta like Made of Honor.  We were best friends (kinda, maybe, I should probably ask him), then I went to a foreign country and he realized he loved me and BAM here we are (minus the bringing home a nice Indian man). Also, my DVD is scratched so I'll be needing a new one. 

GMac is a stander. I think he'll probably skip sitting and crawling and just start walking. 

Then I watched The Prince & Me on my phone until the wee hours of the morning, because no matter how tired I am, I cannot go to bed on time when C's not home.

C didn't return home until 5:30ish Sunday morning (I think that's what I heard) so we skipped church as he needed to sleep and I didn't have the energy to get two kids to church.

I'd like to take this moment to thank Uncle Drew for teaching Monkey "What'sup Dog" because that's what she's saying in this picture (I asked for a simple "cheese").

That box on the bed is our baby changing station.  It's full of diapers, wipes, outfits, pumping supplies, etc. because we are lazy. Also we change GMac on that towel because we don't want spit-up, pee, or poop on our bed.

We are not, however, too lazy to take three bicycle "rides."  I use that term very loosely because it's really Monkey sitting on her tricycle while I push it while wearing the baby.  So a real workout for me.  Not so much for her.

C got home in time to mow the yard and we got dinner from Texas Roadhouse (I did manage to cook mac and cheese on Sunday, so there) followed by dessert from Whit's.

The rest of the evening was spent with me watching baseball while C continued work on his brief (at least I think that's what he was working on all weekend).

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