Monday, April 20, 2015

Ahh the weekend

We started out our weekend with illness. Thanks, Monkey.

But none-the-less we made sure to enjoy our weekend.

The Monkey was sick on Tuesday night so we knew it was inevitable for the rest of us.  It hit me Thursday night (a much tamer version) and C on Friday (I think).  For us it was just a sense of unrest in the stomach.  Not much else.

Friday evening we had Fiesta (because why not have Mexican when battling a stomach bug?) and watched some baseball.

Saturday was glorious. It was the perfect Spring day (mainly because it felt like summer).  C and the kids went to Starbucks and the donut shop and ate breakfast outside while I pumped.  Then we spent the rest of the day outside (except for when I was at two grocery stores).  We mowed, weeded (a bit), removed leaves from the landscaping and even played Starbucks/Wendy's/Pumping Store at Monkey's house.

Monkey was a great helper bagging the grass.

Gmac spend the evening trying to wrestle his bear mat, but you're going to have to head over to my Instagram to see that.  See what I did there? Directed "traffic" (ha!) to my social media accounts.

Sunday morning I woke up to find Jen Lancaster losing her cool (to put it very lightly) over the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch.  This reminded me that that was the day.  I of course was pumping and running late for church as it was so my trip would have to wait.

Emily's Target (in Columbus) was sold out by ten, but I figured if there was a Target to not sell out before lunch it'd be mine because Appalachia y'all.

After church I pumped up the pump and headed to Cbus with my mom for a craft show.  We made a pit stop at Target to find their Lilly collection not sold out but very picked over.  I didn't find anything for me (because I can't wear XXS), but I did get Monkey her first Lilly dress.

Also couldn't find the housewares section (thought maybe our Target just didn't have it which wouldn't be surprising) only to find out it was in the special seasonal section in the back.  Even our Target didn't know where to put Lilly.

So I was right that they didn't sell out which didn't surprise me to hear the sales lady explain Lilly as "some dress designer from Florida" to the gal checking out in front of me.  *Sigh.  Poor Lilly.

We met Emily for lunch and hit up the Craftin' Outlaws craft show.  Then I returned home to make oatmeal bars (yum), make pizza, and watch baseball.

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