Friday, February 27, 2015

I've been waiting for this day all week.

Ahh. Friday. I've been waiting for you. 

We've sort of had a long week around here. C's had a long week at the office. Monkey started the week with a temperature and has ended it by making up for starting it with a temperature (combined that with just being a two year old). And last night we restarted "Operation Get GMac to Sleep in his Cradle".  (Yes, I know, "don't start a sentence with 'and'.") He did fairly well, as in, he did sleep in it and didn't scream his head off. It'll take a few more sleepless-er nights. 

He's lucky he's so cute. 

Tonight is Mardi Gras at Rhapsody in Nelsonville. Yum-o. I'll be helping myself to a glass of wine or a hurricane (you get to keep the glass!). 

Money's on her way to play at Aha! or as she calls it "Ha-Ha!" So I should probably get off my butt and straighten up so she can unstraighten when she gets home.

Happy Friday!

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