Monday, December 1, 2014

Rachel buys a new phone

I went to AT&T the other day (I still call it Cingular) to buy a new iPhone, because, as you'll remember, mine FELL IN THE TOILET.

Here's how it went down.

I enter the store.  A guy greets me and puts me in the walk-in queue.

Me: Can I just tell you what I want and they have it ready when I am called.

Queue Guy: No. They'll discuss your needs. You're 8th in line.

Me (thinking): I know my needs. 

So I wait.

There are no chairs to sit on.

Jordan (the rep who was assigned to help me): Rachel. I can help you now.

Me: Great. I'd like a 64-gig iPhone 6.

Jordan:  I'll see if we have those in stock.

I wait a little bit more.

Jordan: Great news. We have one. Let's get you started. 

Jordan looks at my plan.

Jordan: You have a rather old plan, only use so much data, and our current plans wouldn't cost you any more than you're paying now.

Me: No thanks, I'd just like the phone.

Jordan: Are you sure? Blah blah blah blah blah.

Me: Yep, I'm sure. Just the phone please.

I should point out that she was very nice, but I just wanted the phone as I have a very good plan (and apparently they know that).

I signed a new two-year contract.

Me: I would also like an additional phone charger cord. Those are $20, right?

Jordan: I believe they are on sale today.

Me: Great.

Jordan goes to check and returns with a Manager.

Manager:  We've noticed your plan is rather old.

Me: Yep. (It's 8 years old to be exact...I still have unlimited data).

Manager:  I'd just like to tell you a bit more about our new plans.  We have a lot great changes and new devices coming out in 3 to 6 months and don't want you to miss out on them. A lot of people turn them down and then come in later asking for them. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Me (thinking, but really wanting to say out loud): But Apple doesn't have any new phones coming out in 6 months and I don't buy a new phone on a whim.

Me: That's great, but I just want the phone today.

The Manager leaves.

Jordan rings me up and tells me that while the charger wasn't atually on sale, she got the Manager to give me the sale price of the non-Apple chargers ($9).

Jokes on her because I was ready to pay $20 and was still not changing my plan.

The End.

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