Friday, November 21, 2014

The low down.

We are floorless at the Elsea household.  Just until next week.  C and his dad pulled up the carpet in the living room last weekend and plan on installing new faux-hardwood (read: laminate) next weekend.  We have "hardwood" now but I'm pretty sure it's just a sub floor that the original owner said "heck with it, let's pretend we didn't run lines of mails through this sucker and just call it the floor."  Every time Monkey comes downstairs or in the house she asks, "Wow, who did this?"

Speaking of the Monkey, she's been waking up at night scared.  I'm certain that it's because her old room had a ton of junk in it and didn't look the same in the dark and the fact that she fell out of the bed twice on Wednesday night (and told Grandma that scared her).  When she does wake up at night and we go in to settle her down she begs to go downstairs.  It's like that's her safe zone.

A bed rail has been secured.  Here's hoping to better sleep (for Monkey and Mommy).

Monkey has also started pointing out my belly to others while we're out and about.  On Saturday it was, very randomly, "That's Baby Toodles" to the waitress at dinner.  A bit embarrassing having to explain the name.

Another Monkey item.  Her new thing is to read a book while you read a book.  She'll bring two of her books over, one for you and one for her, and will sit on your lap while you both read.  I have an uber cute picture of it, but C has request I abstain from posting it as he is wearing a beer shirt (from Old Navy).

C's turning the big 3-0 on Sunday.  I'll be married to an old man.  We're celebrating in style on Saturday by going to the Christmas parade (Monkey's idea), Christmas shopping (my idea), and BD's (his idea).  Go big or go home.

This snow in Buffalo.  I can't even fathom what it's like up there.  I googled how long it would take to melt but the internet doesn't seem to know.

I miss my remote car starter.

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