Monday, October 20, 2014

While the Monkey's away the parents will play nap.

This past weekend was a staycation for C and I (just as soon as I finished my 3 hour gluscose test...)while Monkey headed to Fort Wayne to meet the newest Stephenson cousin, Maggie.

About her trip... From what I'm told, she is in LOVE with babies.  Wanted to hold "Baby Aggie" whenever possible and did not want to leave her.  A good sign for Baby Toodles' arrival in January.

Friday evening we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries (because C had never been there before) followed by a trip to the mall for socks and diamond warranty checks.

Saturday morning we sent Monkey on her way with Grandma and we headed to the Inn at Cedar Falls for a good old fashioned couples massage (we had a buncha money on a gift card) and lunch.  Let me tell you about this massage...A-MAZING.  They had this pregnancy pillow that allowed me to lay on my stomach.  Heaven.

After lunch we made the hilly drive home (despite being just 20ish miles away the trip is roughly 45 minutes long) and took long naps.  Once the naps were complete we headed out the door in the in the opposite direction to EASTON!

I love me some Easton.  I've been craving some good old melted cheese so we had dinner at Bon Vie.  We also made a stop at Macy's for maternity clothes but just ended up with new sheets (so romantic) before settling in at Barnes and Noble to read some books.

Since we didn't have Monkey's bedtime routine when we got home it was straight to bed for some college football and reading.

After church and lunch on Sunday we headed to Target to look for a new iron (again, we're adults now).  No such luck, but I did make out with a few maternity sweaters.  After we got home I took a nap while C continued to work on Monkey's new room (transitioning it from his office/library).  Once I was up and at 'em we loaded back in the car to find an iron and ironing board (and also a new vacuum).  I can tell you guys are soooo very jealous of our adults weekend.

Once all three items (and a cherry limeade slushy) were secured it was back home to continue the cleaning fest before the Monkey got home (we wanted her to think we were a tad-bit productive while she was gone). 

We were very happy to see the Monkey (turns out we missed her) and spent some time reading a few books and taking a bubble bath (the only way for a two-year-old to bathe) before it was time for her to hit the hay. 

Then it was time for C to go get me a piece of cake.

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