Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Miscellany

Today I am 29 and 1 month old.

I had a baby doc appointment this a.m.  Toodle's is doing well and kicking away (at my bladder). 

Monkey has named the baby Toodles.  Toodles is also her name suggestion for her new, life-sized stuffed sea turtle.

She thinks Toodles is a boy.  But she also thinks she and her doll, Maddie, are boys.  I haven't asked her what she thinks C is... Also, in her world green means stop and red means go.  We have a bit of confusion going on.

As much as I want the warm weather and pool days back, this cooler weather is making me want to cook (something I didn't want to do before because I'd rather be outside).

On my way back into town I stopped for a mocha because 1) it was cooler out and 2) I haven't had one in over 5 months and 3) I just haven't been hungry (or is it thirsty?) for them since being preggo.  So I gave it a shot.  Turns out I just can't get excited about them. Maybe come January I'll have a different outlook.

Even though I can't get into "Love, Nina" I also can't bring myself to return it (read: I'm lazy).  I just renewed it (with no intention of reading it) for the second time.

The Mindy Project is back tomorrow night!! I'm too excited to sleep!!

Great, now I want to go to Disney World.  (I always want to go to Disney World, just now more than normal.)

We've continued our re-watching of The West Wing.  Last night was 18th and Potomac.  My pregnant self can't handle losing Ms. Landingham.

Have I mentioned before my healthy woman crush on P!nk? There isn't a song of her's that I don't love.

That's all for now folks. Toodles!

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