Friday, July 18, 2014

"I poopied"

As I stated on Tuesday, Monkey has a new trick.

Back Story:  If Monkey has been in bed for a while and not yet asleep (and due for a poop), we will go check her diaper, because if she has pooped she won't go to sleep as easily.

That being said...

As of Monday night... If Monkey is in bed and wants out, she'll start crying "I poopied," over and over and over again because she knows that if she's poopy we'll come change her diaper.  Which really means she'll get out of her crib or Mommy or Daddy will come hold her for a while. She'll do it during nap time, right at bedtime, or the middle of the night.

(She has never just cried to get out of bed as she's a talker, but will instead verbalize her cry with  "Mommy hold you" over and over again)

The problem: She's not poopy or even wet.

I'm not even totally convinced she even knows when she's poopy or wet as she has show zero interest in potty training. Granted she loves to sit on her potty and pull the handle to make it "flush" so that she can hear "Hip, Hip, Hooray!"

So... yeah... that's what we're currently dealing with.

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