Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's talk about Hulu+ for a minute (I'm not a happy camper)

This weekend, in honor of Mother's Day, C suggested we sign up for Hulu+ so we could catch up on Mondern Family (we're up to date on all dvds, but didn't watch this last season).  So Friday night we signed up only to discover there are still commercials.  What?

I'm wondering, this is where my readers comes in, do the commercials go away at the end of our "free" week when we start paying $7.99 a month? I sure hope so because I was planning on paying for Hulu+ until I get caught up on Scandal as well. But if the commercials don't go away, I'm leaving.

Netflix doesn't have commericals. I like Netflix.

Friday night we also went to Easton for dinner (Monkey eats free at BD's!).

Saturday was very laid back (finally...we were due) and Monkey even slept in until 8:45!  We had a late, slow breakfast followed by a late lunch (leftovers I had made for Friday night that went uneaten because we decided to go to Easton).

I also got my garden planted! This year we are focusing on corn, beans, and peas with a few squashes/cucumbers and lettuces.  I will also have a row of herbs (cilantro, rosemary, dill, basil, and oregano....only one that made it through the winter).

I realize the roping off of the sections was not necessary, but it makes me fell better.

We had our Mother's Day dinner Saturday night at my parents house with Aunt Amy there.  Yummy chicken and potatoes.  Then we came home to watch Modern Family with commercials. Sigh.

I woke up feeling cold-like on Sunday morning, but made it through teaching Sunday School and church.  After lunch and some weeding (I really want to back yard to look nice, but it's so much work) I crashed on the couch only to wake up feeling a bit worse.

C fixed, broke, and re-fixed the mower which then allowed him to mow the yard.

Side note:  We have a reel mower.  We also have a gas mower that we paid $30 for two years ago. Occassionally we let the grass grow too high and can't use the reel mower. $30 well spent.

We had grand plans of walking to Dairy Queen, but I didn't feel up to it, so we opted for Gypie Joes (Monkey's pronunciation) after dinner instead.

She didn't complain.

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