Friday, May 23, 2014

Ahh, Summer.

I'm excited about this weekend.  Three day weekend. Memorial Day. Pool opens (even if it'll be too cold to swim). A new book from my sister (assuming she finished reading it).

Monkey has been asking to eat all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks) outside.  I think we have a nature girl on our hands.  I love it.

My farm is coming along nicely, although I do think I'm going to need to buy pre-potted herbs. But the corn and beans look great.

She also has started entering a room and saying "Hi guys! How are you today?" She's an adult trapped in a tiny body (with no bladder control).

The Indians. Oh my. I expect them to be back to losing tonight.

Kimye is getting married this weekend. sigh. I'm so tired of my celeb news being bogged down by their "big weekend". Just make it go away.

And finally, because you can't have a blog post without a picture...

Yes, I know, you're supposed to mow with closed-toe shoes.

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