Monday, April 7, 2014

Our house has never been so clean


I hope you had a restful weekend.  We certainly did and did not.

Friday afternoon C and I dropped the Monkey off at Na-ma and Gampa's house and headed east to Pittsburgh for the Cardinals/Pirates game (a Valentine's Day present to C).  I booked a hotel across the street (cheaper than going through Hotwire...what's up with that?) so that we didnt' have far to walk.  For a second I thought it was the hotel that was attached to the casino and got excited (penny slots!!). But it wasn't. Excitement short lived.

We had adult conservations on the way that consisted of fracking, cleaning, and meal preparation.  Be jealous.

Once we made it to the stadium we picked up our free t-shirts!! and sat through a rain delay while enjoying Chickie's & Pete's Crabfries.  Drew was jealous.

And then God promised there would never be another hour rain delay ever again in Pittsburgh.

You guys, this ball park is gorgeous I tell you, gorgeous. 

Then the Cardinals lost. It wasn't quick, but drawn out, like a slow bleed.  But most of the fans in Pittsburh are awesome and kind and they all shake hands with you after the game.  I'm sure Steelers games are exactly the same.

Saturday morning we headed to the mall for a Disney Store and Barnes & Noble and Dick's and Target (because, when in Pittsburgh) before heading home to pick up our Monkey. We passed some trucks carrying what we assumed to be fracked water, which brought the trip full circle.

We went to Fiesta with everyone for dinner and then stopped by Gypsy Joe's.  You know you frequent a place too often when your one year old yells "yum-yums" and "donuts" as soon as you pull in.

We church on Sunday and cleaned the heck out of our house.  We cleaned until we could clean no more.  Really, that's all we did.  At about 11:00 last night we felt like we couldn't even make it up the stairs.  That's a good cleaning for you.

And now we're back to Monday. Five days until I run walk in this 5k I so eagerly signed up for 10 weeks ago (and haven't trained for in a month).  Yippee.

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