Monday, March 17, 2014

We're still watching House of Cards at our house.

Our weekend mainly consisted of watching House of Cards. I can't quit you, Francis.  We also did some other things.

We took Friday easy as the Monkey was up sick until 4:00 Friday morning.  While we were dragging, she seemed fine and asked for peanut butter ("bom-bom" - what? where?), pancakes, and chocolate for lunch.  She also had enough energy to play with every single toy she owns, take a walk, and paint.

Blue is Daddy, Red is Monkey, and Purple is Mommy.

I'm pretty sure the best part of her day was receiving a postcard from "Rella" and all of her friends.

Once C was home we grabbed a bite to eat at Steak'n'Shake and played outside some more before putting the Monkey down and watching House of Cards.

Monkey was thrilled to be able to eat and drink regularly foods on Saturday morning (milk and cinnamon rolls).  She and C let me sleep in while they FaceTimed with Grandma and Grandpa Elsea. 

side note: anytime Monkey sees C's iPad she asks for Na-ma and Gam-pa.

We spent the afternoon outside, and cleaning, and watching our teams (Buckeyes - me, and Chelsea, C) lose.

That evening we sent Monkey off with Grandma and Grandpa so that we could check out a sushi restaurant in Bexley.  C loved the sushi. Me, not so much.  But the wine and yaki soba noodles were great.  We walked the side streets and went to Starbucks were we meant to read but ended up talking (about things other than when the last time Monkey pooped was and Mickey Mouse - our newest obsession).

We headed back to town and picked up a very tired Monkey (she too went out - Pickerington, Sam's Club, JoAnns, and ice cream).  She went down and we watched House of Cards.

We skipped Sunday School on Sunday but still went to church (because we love Jesus).  We grabbed lunch at McDonald's (first time in a loooong time), and watched House of Cards.  It was chilly so soup was in order. We also folded laundry, and worked, and watched some basketball (because 'tis the season).

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