Monday, March 24, 2014

Stop signing up for free stuff, RACHEL.

In order to relive our weekend, you must first know that a few weeks ago we walked over to the local "Home and Garden Show". I use the phrase "home and garden show" lightly because it wasn't much of a show.  Nothing really to see. But that didn't stop me from signing up for "free" stuff.  Then I got a call that my name "was drawn" for a free air filtration system.  So I set up a time for them to drop it off.  That time was Friday evening at 5:00 p.m. This is so embarrassing.

So the guys showed up at 5:06 p.m. on Friday evening (there were two of them) and started a demonstration of this air filtration/cleaner thing.  We had ordered dinner as they walked in in order to limit the time they were there.  Since the lady who scheduled the time didn't tell me how long it would take, I figured we were fine.  We received the "short" demo that lasted an hour and were told that they didn't even begin to brush the surface of what this thing could do. Oh, and it cost $2,700. After Charles had nicely kicked them out and I explained that we wouldn't have scheduled it over the dinner hour had we known the demo would take a week, we enjoyed our pizza.

After dinner we watched March Madness, because a basketball days like that (2nd round) only happens twice a year.  And that took up our evening.

Saturday morning C got up with the Monkey so they could watch the Chelsea game.  We had donuts (Monkey's favorite) with Great Grandpa and went to Lowes where we didn't buy a thing because we couldn't remember the size of our furnace filter.  That afternoon I made cookies and funeral potatoes, Monkey played outside, and we watched more basketball, because basketball days like that (3rd round) happen just twice a year.

That evening we went to my parents for dinner and Joker because UNCLE MARK IS HOME!  He also brought a friend, Aaron, who happens to look exactly like him.  To the point that Monkey thought Aaron was Uncle Mark.  They are easy to confuse since Uncle Mark has a beard now (frowny face).

My team lost the Joker game because my team always loses (and Mark didn't realize which marbles were his marbles).

Sunday we churched and lunched and napped and got yum-yums and donuts (Monkey's day could not have gotten better). Oh, and we watched basketball, because know.

Now off to the races. It's a very busy week so we're looking towards the weekend while Monkey looks forward to swimming in the pool.

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