Monday, January 6, 2014

While we were gone.

Good morning ladies and gents.  I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s.
Here are a few thoughts, things, stuffs about our last few weeks.

I read that January 6th (the first Monday back after the New Year) is the most depressing.  I was back at work on the 2nd, but I'm still bracing for a not-so-stellar day.

We took Monkey to the zoo this weekend.  She loved the ah-ahs (monkeys) and feesh. She kept asking for more monkeys while we were right in front of them and when asked if she was ready to go bye-bye and leave the aquarium she said "no" multiple times.  I love that she loves animals. 

I am majorly crushing on One Direction specifically Story of My Life but still everything that they are (cute, British, etc).

Monkey got a baby for Christmas (Cabbage Patch Kid).  Her name is Maddie.  Monkey regularly runs up to her and says “hey, baby.”  She has also developed an affinity for giving Maddie her play knife and cooking her in the oven of her new play kitchen (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!).  I’m thinking about enrolling her in the hospital’s babysitting class as these actions are a bit concerning. 
I’m trying to overcome my coke (a-cola) addiction.  I’ve got a three step process.  San Pellegrino (which has just as many calories and is pricey, but will hopefully be a good switch) followed by LaCroix followed by just water (which I already like so score!).  I’m doing infused waters (thanks to the infuser I got for Christmas from Mark).
Ok, so a doctor would probably not diagnose it as a full blown “addition”, but it’s a crutch.
I’m loving Brookside Dark Chocolate with Goji Raspberry.  I prefer to suck off the chocolate leaving just the goji to eat separately, but C says the experience is in eating the entire thing at once.  We are a house divided.
I seriously craved Charleston (South Carolina, not West Virginia…) this past week.  To the point that I even picked out a house in Mount Pleasant (where I would prefer to live). I’ve got problems.
The good news with this southern problem is that we are repainting our bedroom next week while the Monkey is with Grandma and Grandpa Elsea.  We’re going with “sea salt blue” and hanging a sea turtle that has been living under our couch since we moved in. I’d also like to get a few of our Charleston pictures printed to hang up.  We will also be getting a new dresser at some point so that the t.v. isn’t almost touching the ceiling.   
The bad news… we have to take down wallpaper before we paint. More good news… this is the last room in the house to de-wallpaper (the previous owner had a problem).  Then we’re done and we can buy a new house to paint.  Ha.  
Bear with me the next few days or weeks. I'm not sure how constant the blogging will be as I try to get into a groove this new year.

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