Thursday, January 16, 2014

Help a girl out.

Sorry I've been absent.  Monkey is currently absent (we know where she is - Grandma and Grandpa's - and she is being well taken care of) and it has me out of sorts.  Plus I asked C that we keep busy this week (which we have).  We've removed wallpaper from our room, took a much needed trip to Easton, removed more wallpaper, discovered we can't paint tonight as some of the walls need repaired (paint came off with the wallpaper) and so tonight we're going to dinner and a movie (instead of painting). We'll also put our room back together since it'll be a few weeks before we can fix the walls and paint. I told C to pretend we're living in an old English countryside cottage (with a big t.v.).

Anyway.  I'm back for today and wanted to say this...

Upon reading this article I have learned that maybe a sawed-off shot gun is not a shot gun that has been shortened by the owner by sawing off part of the barrel (is that even what it's called?), but actually a shorter version of a shot gun (as in, manufactured that way).

So my question, are they manufactured with shorter barrels or are people really sawing off shot guns with real saws?

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