Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursdays Things

C took the Volvo to get detailed on Monday and came home with a huge car bow! It's magnetic and everything. I googled the going rate for those suckers.  I'm glad I was able to negotiate it with the car. Pictures to come.

I saw Kimye's music video "Bound 2". Yuck.  It further solidified my hatred for the two. I then saw "Bound 3" with James Franco and Seth Rogan. A little better.

I've been wracking my brain for Christmas ideas for C and finally have some decent ones.

I think I heard the meteorologist say this winter we will have harsh weather with brief spurts of mild temps. Or maybe that's just what I wanted to hear. It was just as I was turing on the car. Where's car radio dvr when you need it?

One of my favorite news sources is the Daily Mail because 1) it's British and 2) they have lots of pictures you can't find elsewhere.  Their iPhone app is great and allows you to set the US as your news source (but sometimes I switch to the UK so I feel like I'm there).

Despite my dislike for Black Friday shopping, I must admit there are some good deals.  I was able to order to pairs of jeans from Gap (half off!) and also some perfume I sampled in my Birchbox (I had saved up point and had a 20% off).


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