Monday, December 9, 2013

This is going to be a good week for receiving shipments.

This weekend started out with me receiving my news jeans in the mail (yay 50% off at Gap on Black Friday!) and this coming week should result in receiving my new perfume (also a Black Friday deal) and Birchbox.  I'm one lucky shipment receiving gal.

Other than getting jeans on Friday, we had a lovely afternoon at home, with the snow gently falling, and a trip to the doctor for Miss Monkey who was diagnosed with "early pneumonia." If that's even a thing.  After dropping her off at home, stopping at work to do a forgotten task (it was a looong work week), and waiting for 20 minutes at Krogers for Monkey's prescription (and subsequently spending $30 on unneeded food - i.e. "a jar of mini marshmallows, regular mini marshmallows, and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows") we were in for the night.

Side note #1 - I prefer the East Side Krogers to the one on Memorial. Their layout is all funky.

Monkey was in bed by 8:00 p.m. so we decided to waste the rest of our night watching Identity Theif. Someone (*cough, Emily, *cough) had told me it was a decent movie.

Saturday morning we grabbed Breakfast at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast where there were no highchairs and Monkey sat and ate like a big girl.  She also tasted chocolate milk. I'm worried she's not going to take regular any more.  Come to think of it, we did have problems with her taking milk Saturday night and Sunday morning.


That's right.  While Monkey took her morning nap (I am loving that she still takes 2 good naps) we put up the tree.  A few strands didn't work, but then did work when we got all mechanic/electrician by bending branches until they turned on (thinking we're going to need a new tree next year).

That evening we headed to Manifesto in Columbus for a dinner for the new attorney at C's office.  The room was small, but the food was delish. All you need to know about the food is gnocchi with braised short ribs.

We returned home just in time to see OSU lose (well, C did, I made midnight my bed time).

We skipped Sunday School on Sunday morning, but still left early enough to stop at Krogers for Starbucks because priorities.  We've learned that Monkey is ready for bed as soon as we get in the car after church so we don't really go out to eat afterwards anymore, but that doesn't stop us from bringing something back (Chipotle is the current Sunday lunch provider of choice).

Side note #2 - We don't do McDonald's anymore. I think the last time we went was with Family in July.

What else, what else.  I took a 15 minute nap (just the right amount), we watched the Browns lose in horrible fashion (I'm not a die hard Browns fan, but the calls made me sick), and ate beef and noodles for dinner.

Monkey and I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.  She seemed to like it when the scenes changed frequently, but wasn't a fine of Lucy's consultation due to the lack of pretty colors.

And now it's Monday and this week is looking better than last. And also, we're 16 days from Christmas which is downright awesome.

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