Monday, December 16, 2013

Nine days till Christmas!

Nine days till Christmas and gifts have been purchased to put under the tree (and from what I've heard the elves have been busy in Santa's workshop).

Friday evening we went to Christy's for dinner. Salad. Zucchini fries, Mozzarella sticks. Pizza.  All very good yet very bad. After dinner and a stop at Krogers for mochas, we drove to a local Christmas light show that we have heard about for years, but never gone to.  It's at a house that has several roads/driveways so we were able to get Monkey out of her car seat and sit up front so she could really see the show. 

After lunch on Saturday we went to Columbus to do a majority of our Christmas shopping. "Emmy" and "Unca" (Emily and Mark) watched the Monkey for us.  The trip started out with a stop to get a windshield wiper fixed at Mr. Tire as it was pouring down rain.  This was at 1:00 p.m. The guy said it was an easy 5 minute fix but that he couldn't get us in until 4:00 p.m.  That obviously didn't work so we made it up to Polaris and to Sears who did the 5 minute fix right away and for free because "tis the season".  

After that debacle was over we made out way past Toys'R'Us as the parking lot was jammed packed and straight to Target.  After Target and some book shopping and B&N we grabbed a mocha and cheesecake and decided what C should get for Christmas (because I was plum out of ideas this year and the one idea I did have had to have his input).  

We met Emmy and Unca for dinner before heading home.

Sunday was a big day for Monkey as she made her theatrical debut in the children's Christmas program at church. She was the star (read: the only) sheep. 

Having had no practice at all (as it would not have done any good) Monkey did fantastically.  Despite having no lines, she was able to get one in as she walked up to the manager and said, while pointing, "baby."  Monkey also added some unexpected dance moves to Away in a Manager and Silent Night.  That's our girl!

For dinner I made a paleo Sheperd's Pie (cauliflower as the mashed potatoes).  I must admit, it was yummy, but it's hard to look past the potatoes. 

Next time, I'm going to break the paleo rules and add some cheese. 

Cheese makes everything better. 

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